Our history

Oil production in West Lothian in Scotland started in 1851.

We have had a well regulated industry in Scotland for many decades, having drilled over 30 wells in the last 20 years. One of the first hydraulic fractures in the UK took place in Airdrie 50 years ago

To date 103 oil and gas wells have been drilled in the Central Belt. But it was not until 28th October 1957 that the first shale gas production occurred in Scotland. The most successful well was drilled and fracked in 1989 in Glasgow near the junction of the M8 and M73. The well was fracked and put on long-term production test with an initial flow rate of 3 million scf/day, enough to heat 28,000 homes.

Outcrop geology map showing the location of historical wells with gas shows, tests and production. (BGS DECC MVS 2014).

It’s a fact that a domestic fracking programme would provide a significant boost to our struggling economy and labour market while providing cheap and secure gas supplies to households for generations to come

GMB Scotland, January 2017