How we use gas now

In Scotland, nearly 2m homes (78% of all homes) and 22,000 businesses are connected to gas (consuming 43% of the gas).

Most gas for industry is consumed in Falkirk and Fife which is unsurprising given the manufacturing bases in both of those regions. Principal in this is the Grangemouth site which employs directly 1,300 people and indirectly up to 10,000. The requirement for gas at this site as a feedstock used to make chemicals but also as an energy source is one of the largest in Scotland. There is also a large ethylene plant in Fife employing 220 people.

10 million tonnes of chemical products are produced annually at Grangemouth and are used in the manufacture of a range of everyday consumer goods such as emulsion paint, car fuel tanks, plastic bottles, wrappers, food film, carpets, cabling, water pipes and camping gas.

The consumption of heat accounts for 53% of the energy consumed by Scotland’s homes and businesses. Addressing this demand represents a key challenge for the future in balancing the needs of consumers with a lower carbon secure energy system

Scottish Government, Scottish Energy Strategy, January 2017