How much gas is in Scotland

Estimates show that Scotland could have up to 134.6 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of gas under its feet. To put this into context the annual demand for gas in Scotland in 2014 was 0.3 tcf.

Without proper exploration of what is beneath our feet we will never know how much there is. Experience from the North Sea has shown that estimates in combination with experience and better technology can go up significantly.

This therefore is not something we believe should be ignored given the UK’s import dependency projections and also the environmental impacts of transportation across the world.

Areas considered prospective for shale gas

Areas considered prospective for shale gas (BGS DECC MVS 2014).

The increase in the production of shale gas and liquids has also had a major impact on the downstream activities of the [US] chemical industry … [European] feedstock prices can now be double those of rival plants making identical products in the US

Independent Expert Scientific Panel, 2014