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Scotland is host to a large petrochemical sector with 150 manufacturing companies involved in the manufacture of chemical and chemical products as well as refined petroleum products. The sector currently employs over 3,500 workers.

The Scottish chemicals manufacturing sector generates approximately £9.3 billion revenue in Scotland.

Currently most natural gas consumed by industry in Scotland is in Falkirk and Fife which is unsurprising given the manufacturing bases in both of those regions. Principal in this is the Grangemouth site which employs directly 1,300 people and indirectly up to 10,000. The requirement for gas at this site as a feedstock used to make chemicals but also as an energy source is one of the largest in Scotland. There is also a large ethylene plant in Fife employing 220 people.

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“Suitable petrochemical feed-stocks from the North Sea are declining, in particular ethane and other light hydrocarbons. The potential availability of these feed-stocks from unconventional oil and gas resources in Scotland could have a beneficial impact on Scotland’s petro-chemical industry in the long term.

Independent Panel of Experts for the Scottish Government, 2014