Onshore oil and gas will benefit the Scottish economy, not only directly, with jobs created through oil and gas extraction, but also indirectly, as oil and gas is a critical raw material for the chemicals industry at facilities such as Grangemouth.

The independent report produced by KPMG for the Scottish Government in November 2016 stated that up to 3,100 jobs could be created in Scotland. This excludes any share of the estimated 64,000 jobs that could be created using Scottish expertise by a wider industry in the UK.

NCOOG is the National College for Onshore Oil and Gas, jointly supported by government and industry. Its aim is to train the next generation of onshore oil and gas engineers and other specialists, meeting the onshore industry’s future skills needs and providing first class qualifications and career opportunities for young people. The National College will focus on providing the specialist skills needed by the industry including re-training offshore workers,

The future development of home-grown oil and gas has the potential to support thousands of jobs through its supply chain, including in the steel industry, as long as it is part of a joined-up industrial strategy for the UK. We look forward to working with UKOOG as this vitally important industry continues to develop.

The Community Union, representing Steel workers