Boost Scotland’s wider economy

The independent report produced by KPMG for the Scottish Government in November 2016 stated that up to £11bn could be spent, of which £6.5bn would be spent in Scotland, with an additional £4bn created in tax receipts across the UK.

This excludes the positive economic impact on other sectors, such as petrochemicals, of not having to import their raw materials and the impact of Scotland developing and exporting its skills and resources to supply shale companies across the UK and Europe.

This also excludes the potential £33bn that will be spent in the wider UK supply chain that Scottish companies could take part in.

The economic reality of an increasing reliance on foreign states for gas, however, is that Scotland may find itself in the position of propping up morally questionable regimes with its fuel purchases. This would also inherently mean that money would leave the domestic economy, rather than going to Scottish companies and being paid to Scottish workers

Royal Society of Edinburgh, June 2015